Minnesota Suburbs the Focus for Gun Activists / by Charles Yeganian

The Minnesota chapter of Moms Demand Action is focusing on eight “critical” races in the state’s legislative elections. All of them are suburban districts, and six of the eight feature Republican incumbents.

Two of the races involve candidates endorsed by LEAP Forward.

In District 36A, LEAPer Zack Stepehnson is running against Republican Bill Maresh in an open seat which includes the northern suburbs of Minneapolis/St. Paul. Stephenson is a prosecutor who’s received high-profile endorsements from former president Barack Obama and Sen. Amy Klobuchar, and who supports keeping guns out of the hands of the mentally ill and the abusive, and universal background checks on gun purchases.

LEAPer Ginny Klevorn is challenging Republican incumbent Sarah Anderson in District 44A (Plymouth). Anderson is consistently an A-rated NRA politician, and voted in 2012 to greatly expand the legal use of deadly force. Anderson and Klevorn faced each other in 2014, with Klevorn coming up just 2,000 votes short of ousting the 11-year incumbent.