Aziz Ahmad: What Can You Do To Keep Your Communities Safe? / by Charles Yeganian

How can our children learn in a place where we tell them they are not safe, where repeatedly we say they must prepare for the worst? In recent editions of our weekly Post newspapers we read stories about how our police and fire departments took part in active-shooter simulations. Such training is vital for police officers and fire fighters, but what do they say to our children?

We all took part in fire drills in at school, but our parents knew that building codes demanded certain safety standards that helped ensure we would get out safely. We may have also taken part in tornado drills, but laws and building codes did all that was possible to prevent damage to our schools.

Why are we not also doing all we can to prevent injuries and deaths in our schools from a person with a gun? When we, the adults in the discussion, fail to do all we can to prevent, not prepare for, the worst, we fail our children.

I support the Second Amendment to our Constitution as written. Fearmongering firearm manufacturers, however, have perverted the amendment and created a nation where only three percent of gun owners keep half of all privately owned firearms in their private arsenals.

Following the murders at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, the students got organized. They created their nine-point manifesto to fix America’s gun laws, a blue print to prevent, rather than a plan for, another tragedy. They brought some 200,000 people to The March For Our Lives. Theirs are national solutions. What can we do?

First, we must take back our rights under the Ohio Constitution for home rule so that we can regulate firearms in our communities. Ohio legislators deleted that right when they said that regardless of local laws “a person may own, possess, purchase, sell, transfer, transport, store, or keep any firearm”… so long as their action does not violate federal or state law.

Second, I support, and would work to implement, legislation such as Senator Joe Schiavoni’s SB 278, the “red-flag” legislation prohibiting those deemed legally dangerous from owning or purchasing firearms. I support House bills 33, 151, 152, 153, 305, 395, 563, 564 and 585 that address dangerous loopholes in our state laws, yet languish in a Republican-controlled legislature.
— Aziz Ahmad (Ohio HD-07)