Campus Carry Support Making Life Difficult for Georgia Senator / by Charles Yeganian

Dan Jackson of Flagpole has a profile on the Georgia state Senate race in District 46, featuring Sen. Bill Cowsert and LEAPer Marisue Hilliard. Once again, an incumbent Republican trying to have it both ways on guns has led to a contentious race, and an opening for Democrats.

Hilliard, a former employee of the US Forest Service, is the first Democrat to run against Cowsert since 2008 and was spurred to action by the school massacre in Newtown, CT. She formed her local chapter of Moms Demand Action.

The group lobbied hard against the so-called “Campus Carry” act allowing guns on parts of college campuses. Hilliard said in a phone interview that “there was a lot of anger in Athens, particularly among faculty and staff,” when Gov. Nathan Deal reversed his 2016 veto and signed the bill in 2017.  

“At the state level, we have prevented laws from going forward, for example keeping a K-12 law to arm teachers” from coming up for a vote, Hilliard continued.

Cowsert initially voted for the Campus Carry bill, but voted against the final version that Deal signed. He has said he reversed his position after being flooded with opposition from constituents—including his wife and daughter.