Anna Kaplan Won By Focusing on Incumbent Party's Record / by Charles Yeganian

Janelle Clausen, writing in The Island Now, focuses on the reasons for LEAPer Anna Kaplan’s 10,000 vote win over incumbent state Sen. Elaine Phillips: her ground game, and the GOP’s lack of willingness to move gun regulatory legislation:

Kaplan focused on bills like the Reproductive Health Act and Child Victims Act, which have not come to a vote in the state Senate under Republican leadership, as well as gun control legislation and Phillips’ purported support for charter schools.

“You can’t say that this is a balance and that you need one house to be Republican,” Kaplan said in a previous interview when asked about possible concerns over one-party control. “If you can’t get things done, you need to make a change.”

Kaplan, a town councilwoman, ran specifically on moving an Extreme Risk Protection Order law through the state Senate. With the body now under solidly Democratic control, she will get that opportunity. LEAP Foward will continue to update this space with news on her efforts and those of all elected candidates.