In Colorado, Tom Sullivan is Emblematic of a Brighter Future for Gun Regulation / by Charles Yeganian

Local Colorado gun activists - like the fantastic Colorado Ceasefire - see a window for passing a red flag law and other gun legislation in the state, writes Corey Hutchins in the Colorado Independent:


What Ceasefire called “easily the sweetest moment” of this year’s election was the successful campaign of Tom Sullivan of Centennial, whose son Alex was killed in the Aurora theater shooting. Sullivan, one of the most prominent gun-safety advocates in Colorado, won election to the House, beating incumbent Republican Cole Wist, who was the assistant minority leader. (Wist was actually a sponsor of last year’s red flag bill.)

Sullivan said a red flag bill, also known as an Extreme Risk Protection Order law, is his top priority once he gets into office in January. “That’s what I believe the community is asking for,” he said. “That’s one of the reasons I’m there.”

Colorado was one of the brightest spots nationally on Election Day, not only electing Tom, but ousting NRA favorite Mike Coffman in a US House race and giving Democrats control of both the House and Senate for the first time since 2014.