Christine Cohen Agrees to Cosponsor "Ethan's Law" in Connecticut / by Charles Yeganian

Sen.-elect Christine Cohen (Connecticut SD-12) signed on to a change in Connecticut law that would increase the culpability of adults whose handguns are improperly secured. The fight is being led by Kristen and Mike Song, the parents of Ethan Song, who accidentally shot and killed himself while at a friends’ house earlier this year. Ben Lambert in the New Haven Register:

They said the change, which they titled “Ethan’s Law,” would improve safety, and would have allowed Daniel Markle, father of the juvenile arrested and charged with second-degree manslaughter Monday in Ethan’s death, to also be held accountable for the death of their son.

Kristin and Mike Song have sued Markle and his business, Markle Investigations, claiming that Markle had failed to “properly store, keep and/or secure a gun on the premises when he knew or should have known that minors might gain access to the gun” and that he permitted unaccompanied minors on the premises, according to the Songs’ complaint.

Cohen and state Rep. Sean Scanlon have agreed to co-sponsor the legislation.

Ethan was killed by a weapon Mr. Markle kept in a cardboard box inside a Tupperware container, but was not charged with a crime because of a loophole in Connecticut law that requires the gun to be loaded in order to justify a charge of criminally negligent storage. Ethan’s Law would close this loophole, and take the burden off the state to prove the gun was loaded when stored negligently.

The Songs hope that Ethan’s Law can be passed by the end of next year. LEAP Forward will be tracking and scoring action on the legislation once it is introduced.