Arkansas Republicans Pressing Gun Deregulation, Despite Losses / by Charles Yeganian

Despite losses at both the national level and the defeat of the chief architect of Arkansas’ most pro-gun legislation, state Republicans are planning an aggressive attack on gun regulations in the state. From the AP:

One Republican lawmaker, Rep. Charlie Collins, lost his Fayetteville-area seat to Democrat Denise Garner, a gun-control supporter.

Collins sponsored legislation two years ago that prompted a legislative fight over guns. The bill, known as Act 562, proposed expanding concealed-carry rights onto college campuses and into bars and other public buildings.

The legislation was opposed by Democrats and gun-control advocates, who said Republicans ignored concerns from colleges and law enforcement officials. The bill was approved but lawmakers were later pressured by college athletic associations to walk back some provisions.

John Mortiz of the Arkansas Times-Gazette reports that Democrats are planning their own legisiation.

Atop the list of gun policy priorities for Democrats is legislation that would create an extreme-risk order of protection -- commonly known as a "red flag" law -- that would allow a judge to issue an order to temporarily seize a person's firearms if the person is deemed to be a threat to himself or others.

At least 13 states have red flag legislation, according to the advocacy group Everytown for Gun Safety. In Arkansas, draft language for a bill is being completed by Democratic state Sen. Will Bond, D-Little Rock, and state Rep. Greg Leding, D-Fayetteville. (Leding will serve in the Senate starting in January.)