Will Haskell Submits Three Gun Regulatory Bills in Connecticut Senate / by Charles Yeganian

"Ending gun violence wasn't just something I talked about on the campaign trail. With my first three bills, I'm working to make it a reality," said Haskell in a release. "The common theme in these bills is that they would each empower law enforcement officers to keep our communities safe."

"An Act Concerning Ghost Guns," LCO Number 1022, would ban guns without serial numbers and regulate those which are sold in a form requiring the purchaser to finish assembly or that are homemade.

"An Act Concerning the Presentation of a Carry Permit," LCO Number 1021, would require individuals who openly carry a firearm to show their gun permit to law enforcement officers if requested.

"An Act Concerning Limiting Multiple Handgun Purchases in a Thirty-Day Period," LCO Number 1024, would limit the number of firearms an individual can purchase to one per month.

LEAP Forward will be grading action on all three of these bills and scoring support.