Jahana Hayes Earns Leadership Role on Gun Violence Prevention Task Force / by Charles Yeganian

Today Gun Violence Prevention Task Force Chairman Mike Thompson (CA-05) announced that the Task Force will have two new Vice Chairs and four new Whips for the 116th Congress. Thompson also released the full membership of the Task Force for the current Congress, including new members.
“After last year’s historic election and with our new majority ready to hold hearings and cast votes, I am honored to announce the leadership for the Gun Violence Prevention Task Force in this 116th Congress. These members hail from across our country, bring a diverse skillset and have already shown dedication and conviction on this issue. They have what it takes to combat gun violence,” said Chairman Thompson. “Together, I know we can take the action the American people have been demanding.”

“Thank you to everyone for their consideration in selecting me to serve as Whip for the Gun Violence Prevention Task Force,” said Deputy Whip Hayes. “I am committed to working with my colleagues on common sense gun reform legislation that will keep our communities safer and protect the rights of responsible gun owners. It has been a generation since Congress passed any major legislation to address this growing concern and we owe it to our children to no longer remain silent on this issue.”