LEAPer Katie Hill Named Co-Representative of Freshman Class by Charles Yeganian

Devon Miller, KHTS:

Hill, alongside Congressman-elect Joe Neguse, D-Colorado, was elected as Co-Freshman Representative to Majority Leadership of the 116th Congress during the House Democratic Caucus votes that took place Wednesday.

“This Freshman class is larger, younger and more diverse than ever before, and that’s not a coincidence – it’s a call to action,” said Hill. “Rep-elect Neguse and I ran as co-representatives because we believe this class deserves a bigger seat at the leadership table to ensure we can fight for the issues most important to the communities we represent.”

Katie Hill on the Borderline Mass Shooting by Charles Yeganian

Let me be clear: you can count on me to advocate for strong, swift and immediate gun violence prevention legislation that will keep people safe, and keep guns out of the hands of people who should not have them.

Two key laws are already in place right now that could have prevented the tragedy at Borderline last week, specifically California’s ban on high capacity magazines — which I have supported from day one — and the Gun Violence Restraining Order. Currently, our high capacity magazine ban is being held up in court by an NRA lawsuit. This is just another example of how the gun lobby is one of our biggest barriers to keeping our communities safe, and why I have never taken NRA money and never will. Gun Violence Restraining Orders are a tool for temporarily removing firearms and ammunition from individuals in crisis, but the law is massively underused. In situations like Borderline, where families saw the red flags, the GVRO can save lives. This legislation has already been passed, but it needs awareness and advocates in order to be effective.
— Katie Hill

Katie’s entire piece can be read on her Medium page.