Liz Miranda Won in Massachusetts By Running Her Own Way by Charles Yeganian

Michael P Norton of Commonwealth writes about newly elected African Americans - including LEAPer Liz Miranda - and how they are taking on a party they see as unhelpful:

Her brother Michael’s murder last year spurred her to run for office. “The number one factor I would say was 14 months ago my youngest brother was murdered and we need to end gun violence,” Miranda said. “And I felt that the best place to start ending it was to look at where the resources and where the laws were being made and I knew that that was the State House and that’s what I was aiming for.”

Miranda said she “challenged the status quo” during her campaign, by turning to people who felt disenfranchised – young men released from prison and others who she said were told they “don’t matter.” As she picked a campaign manager and volunteer coordinator, she began to build her network.

“I didn’t know where to pull these people from,” Miranda said. “And I decided that when I went back home I was going to pull from what I did have – I had young people. I had my family. I had neighborhood homies. And I felt that if I can excite them that they would excite their networks. And what we saw was we won in every precinct, which had never been done before.”

Tram Nguyen (MA 18th Essex) Endorsed by Attorney General by Charles Yeganian

Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healy has endorsed Tram T. Nguyen, Democratic candidate for State Representative for the 18th Essex District, saying she will be a great partner in government for the Attorney General’s ongoing work on opioids, gun violence prevention and more.

“Tram Nguyen is dedicated to fighting the opioid epidemic, advancing common-sense gun laws, and promoting the future of the state through education and environmental reform,” said Healey. “I know that she will continue to fight for these causes if elected as State Representative, and I would be proud to work alongside her everyday fighting for the people of Massachusetts.”

Nguyen is running against seven-year Republican incumbent James Lyons, Jr.