North Carolina

Harper Peterson on School Safety by Charles Yeganian

From Benjamin Schachtman, Port City Daily:

[Q:] Is school safety a state issue? If so, what state-level measures would help address the risk of school shootings?

[Harper Peterson] Yes. Great attention has been given to security and safety inside our schools, as should be. But we cannot begin to address this issue unless we undertake comprehensive gun reform and legislation to address this problem outside our school walls. Common sense gun control is supported by nearly 90% of Americans. There are things that we can do to protect our children, while still respecting the rights of gun owners. Big lobbyists need to step aside and let the voice of a majority of North Carolinians be heard. In the General Assembly, I will not be beholden to gun lobbyists and will be able to work on comprehensive legislation to keep our kids safe.

North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper Endorses Christy Clark by Charles Yeganian

I want to tell you about my friend Christy Clark. Long before she ran for office, she was a tireless advocate for the citizens of North Carolina. I saw her work in the halls of the legislature for common sense gun laws and was always impressed by her knowledge, hard work and dedication. She knows what it takes to get things done and her commitment to justice for all North Carolinians makes her the kind of a leader we need in Raleigh. That’s why I am supporting Christy, and I hope you will too.
— Gov. Roy Cooper (D-NC)

Paper Cites Gun Safety in Endorsement of Christy Clark (NC HD-98) by Charles Yeganian

From the Charlotte (NC) Observer Editorial Board:

If Republicans want to maintain their House supermajority, they must hold on to this conservative north Mecklenburg district, where incumbent Republican John Bradford faces a serious challenge from Democrat Christy Clark. We recommend Clark.

Clark, a Huntersville paralegal, knows her way around the General Assembly thanks to five years of work with gun violence prevention groups. She’s a moderate Democrat who has helped entrepreneurs and small business owners launch their companies. She’ll represent all of her district.