Cathy Copeland

2019 candidate for Virginia House of Delegates, District 26

Commonsense gun violence prevention laws are necessary. In the last few decades, the NRA, through a deliberate campaign to incite fear and use inflammatory rhetoric, has turned a discussion on gun violence prevention methods into a polarized war. The result of this has not been nuanced, direct action on solving problems but it has resulted in killing bills that dare to mention guns and avoiding responsibility. I want to bring thoughtful gun violence prevention legislation into focus, discuss it in a productive manner with colleagues, and implement effective change. I think that we need to have open discussions on the floor of the House and Senate so that we can address the issue of gun violence prevention. As Delegate, I will bring forward bills to require background checks for all gun purchases and the safe storage of ammunition, to promote responsible gun ownership practices, and to fund research on guns and their impact on society.

I will also bring forward legislation designed to change the culture of how we see guns. As an educator, I understand the power of a safe and secure learning environment; safety can not come by adding more guns into our schools. My young son is more familiar with hostile intruder drills than with tornado drills, but legislators aren’t addressing the very real resources that teachers and administrators need to make a seismic change in how we understand school safety. Increasing access to mental health services in schools and at large can help curb violence, and, as Delegate, I will promote mental health reform. By working with responsible gun owners, fellow educators, and violence prevention experts, I will compose sensible and effective legislation to address gun violence.
— Cathy Copeland

2019 Primary Election

June 11