My name is Charles Yeganian and LEAP Forward is my project. I am a long-time North Carolinian now living in New York. After graduating UNC-Asheville with a degree in Political Science and working in North Carolina politics during the late 90s and early 2000s both as a campaign consultant and fundraiser, I started LEAP Forward in the summer of 2017, following many of the same instincts that motivated a new generation of candidates to run for office for the first time or re-engage in politics.

As LEAP Forward has grown and adapted, my overall goals for the project have remained the same.  While the National Rifle Association publishes ratings for candidates and legislators, it does so with a lack of transparency and in an arbitrary nature that renders those scores useless to the gun-safety voter. I have developed a ratings system for Congress and state legislatures that scores actions taken on firearms legislation from a pro-regulation point of view. I then use those ratings to inform lawmaker profiles and candidate endorsements for sitting legislators that are doing good work on gun safety and challengers who would provide an improvement over the status quo.

I do not employ a litmus test for endorsement, nor do I judge candidates against my own personal opinions on the issue of firearms regulation. This is an issue where different parts of the country, even different parts of the same state have vastly different priorities. However, I believe it is time to start working toward that improvement, district by district and seat by seat, eventually turning baby steps into a giant LEAP Forward.

No money is solicited by this site for any campaign, and none is spent promoting endorsements. All endorsements are my personal recommendation alone.