Dan Hanks

Idaho state House of representatives, District 3

Current officeholder: OPEN

Next election: November 6. 2018

Idaho is a rural state and gun rights are an important issue to people in Idaho. I am a gun owner and I think that there is opportunity to protect rights and ensure additional protections for citizens at the same time. This is always a tough balancing act, as a mental health counselor I also want to be careful to not stigmatize mental health, and I have concerns about that happening in the gun violence debate. I am very careful about anything that would restrict the rights of mental health clients. I strongly support ongoing research on how to decrease gun violence, and I support legislation that falls in line with the results of that research.
— Dan Hanks
 Map and demographic data via statisticalatlas.com.

Map and demographic data via statisticalatlas.com.



Counties: Kootenai

Metros: Coeur d'Alene

Population: 47,387

91.1% White. 3.9% Hispanic, 0.5% Black, 0.8% Asian, 2.0% Mixed, 1.8Other

13.0% Age 65+; 32.4% Age 40-64; 23.4% Age 22-39; 4.25% Age 18-21


District Electoral History

2016 (General)

2014 (general)

2012 (General)