Court Deals Big Loss to the NRA

Elaine Thompson / Associated Press

Elaine Thompson / Associated Press

Last July, Seattle passed a law saying that responsible gun owners had to be responsible with the guns they owned, keeping them locked up or facing a $500 fine. The fine jumped to $1,000 if a minor was allowed access to the weapon, and $10,000 if their weapon was used during the course of a crime. It was, in the words of Seattle Attorney Pete Holmes “eminently reasonable legislation meant to protect the children and the vulnerable.”

Naturally, the NRA sued. And last week, King County Superior Court Judge Barbara Linde threw the lawsuit out.

“As we take urgent action to save lives, our courts have sided with Seattle over the NRA,” said Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan in response to the dismissal. “We will continue to work with our partners to stop irresponsible legal challenges to this commonsense, life-saving measure.”

An appeal is likely, but for now courts have yet to officially weigh in on the legality of the Seattle law.