Pew: Gun Regulations are Broadly Popular

Gun regulation is almost always painted as a “divisive issue.” It’s part of the reason why campaigns and candidates have been hesitant to give it weight on par with jobs, or the economy, or healthcare. But a recent poll from Pew Research found that not only do more Americans hold controlling gun ownership as more important than gun rights, but that there is broad, bipartisan support for badly needed reforms,

Among Republicans:

  • 89% agree the mentally ill should be prevented from owning guns (89% among Democrats)

  • 83% favor banning individuals on the no fly list from purchasing guns (86%)

  • 79% support background checks for private sales and at gun shows (91%)

  • 58% favor the creation of a federal database to track gun sales (88%)

  • 51% support banning high capacity magazines (81%)

  • 50% favor a ban on assault weapons (81%)