Backflipping Substitute Teacher Drops Gun on Florida Playground

From Josh Rojas, Bay News 9:

The mother of an Anona Elementary School student in Largo said her daughter was just a few feet away from a substitute teacher when a loaded gun fell out of his waistband onto the playground on Tuesday. 

“He was teaching us how to do a flip and when he demonstrated it all you see is a gun pop out of his pocket,” Imogen [Ference, 8] said. “He said, ‘shhh, don’t tell anyone’ and then he dropped down on the ground and picked it back up and put it back in his pants.”

This isn’t even the first time someone doing a backflip has lost a gun this year, but unlike that occasion, fortunately nobody was hurt this time. This news comes on the same day the city of Pittsburgh bucked a recent trend by voting not to allow armed officers in schools.