Tuscon Councilman Kozachik Proposes Change in How City Does Business with Gun Dealers


Tuscon councilmember Steve Kozachik wants the rest of the city council to start asking questions of gun dealers that the city does business with, and to cut ties with those that sell military-style weapons. From Denelle Confair, KVOA:

“The state a couple of years ago sued us and said effectively we are their arms dealer. The idea behind what I’m proposing is very simple. If we have to sell guns we have a right to know the policies behind which the companies are buying them,” Councilman Kozachik said.

“We want to make sure that were selling guns or we’re buying guns from socially responsible gun dealers. It is my belief and I believe the rest of the council will agree that selling military-style assault weapons to civilians is not socially responsible,” Councilman Kozachik said.

Source: https://kvoa.com/news/2018/11/14/tucson-ci...