Research: Lax Gun Laws are Killing Our Kids

There’s a reason the NRA and its allies have been desperate to prevent the funding of studies into gun violence in America - every time we do get data, the numbers are terrible. Now, as Megan Knowles reports in American Hospital News, research presented at the conference of the Academy of Pediatrics shows that lax gun laws could cause firearm deaths among children to double:

Additionally, firearm laws focused on child access prevention, including locking mechanisms or storage requirements, were tied to lower firearm suicide rates among children. States without these laws had pediatric firearm suicide rates more than four times as high as states with child access prevention laws.

"Firearm-related injuries are the second leading cause of death among children in the United States, but we found a clear discrepancy in where those deaths happen that corresponds with the strength of states' firearm legislation," said lead author Stephanie Chao, MD. "In states with lenient laws, children die at alarmingly greater rates.”