Democratic Takeover in Colorado May Not Guarantee Action on Guns

Jesse Paul, Colorado Sun:

Democrats will enter the 2019 legislative session in complete control at the state Capitol. But despite the issue of tightening gun controls taking top billing in the midterm campaign, party leaders are so far signaling that their agenda will focus on just one measure: the so-called red flag bill.

[Rep.-elect Tom] Sullivan, who has been a persistent advocate at the Capitol for tighter gun controls, said the red flag bill is top priority for him. In fact, it was a big part of his campaign.

“I have talked with House leadership about it,” he said. “I talked to them during our campaign. We talked about it when we were launching canvassers. We talked about it when we were knocking on doors.”

Sullivan said he hasn’t heard of other gun-control legislation being discussed. He also expressed trepidation around laws banning certain kinds of firearms or devices, such as assault weapons or bump stocks.