House Democrats Promise Background Check Bill

Current federal law require background checks from licensed firearm dealers to be run through the National Instant Background Check System. There’s a loophole in the law, though, that is exploited when guns are sold online or by a private dealer at a gun show. Closing those loopholes - making background checks universal - has long been a goal of gun safety advocates, and is supported almost unanimously by the American people. The newly installed Democratic Congress wants to tackle it next year, according to Kara Voght of Mother Jones:

The precise details of the legislation have not been finalized; [Rep. Mike] Thompson is still discussing the bill with his fellow Democrats and plans to release more specifics sometime before the end of the year. Pelosi’s office told Mother Jones it could not confirm details about when the bill would be introduced in the next session, but its emergence makes good on a promise Pelosi made to the student survivors of the Parkland shooting—with whom she regularly discusses gun reform priorities—about passing universal background checks if Democrats regained control of the House.

And while the bill will almost certainly pass the House, there’s little evidenceto suggest Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) will bring it up for a vote or that President Donald Trump would be willing to sign it. But success in the House would be a signal to voters of Democrats’ commitment to the issue. A House vote would also put Republicans on the record on the matter—something that hasn’t happened during eight years of GOP control.