Ohio Senate Strips Stand Your Ground Language, Passes HB 228 as Preemption Legislation

The Ohio State Senate altered HB 228 to remove “stand your ground” language from a bill Gov. John Kasich had threatened to veto. From Nick Swartwell, City Beat:

The new version of the legislation retains a provision shifting the burden of proof from defendants onto prosecutors when it comes to self-defense claims — a standard observed elsewhere throughout the country. The bill also levies third-degree felony penalties against so-called “straw man” purchasers, or people who buy guns for other people who aren’t allowed to purchase them themselves. Another measure in the legislation would further prohibit municipalities from passing anti-gun laws.

It’s not known whether the new form of the bill will be acceptable to Kasich now that the most controversial parts are removed.

Even with the removal of the worst of the “stand your ground” provisions, LEAP Forward’s position on this legislation - and all preemption bills - is still oppose. Senate votes have been added to the Ohio Report Card.