HB 228 on Kasich's Desk

HB 228, which began life as a really bad, “stand your ground”-style piece of legislation in the House, emerged from the Senate as merely a pretty bad local preemption law that is now on its way to Gov. John Kasich’s desk, where its fate seems uncertain. At issue: the lack of inclusion of a provision for a “red flag” law. From Jessie Balmert, Cincinnati Enquirer:

“There’s no ‘red flag’ law,” Kasich said. “I pleaded with them to put the ‘red flag’ law in there. They didn’t do it.”

Sen. Cecil Thomas, D-North Avondale, tried to add red flag language to the bill in committee and on the Senate floor that would have allowed police alone to remove guns from someone deemed a threat.

“We are seeing state after state consistently recognize that it makes practical common sense,” Thomas said. “It makes it just a little bit more difficult for someone to take up an arm and fire and kill not only himself or a family member or just citizens just because he has a sickness.”