Sen. Christine Cohen (CT) Cosponsors Safe Storage "Ethan's Law"

The proposed new law is named after Guilford teenager Ethan Song, who was accidentally killed last year with a handgun that had been stored in the bedroom closet of a friend’s home. Police and press reports note that the gun was stored in a Tupperware container, and that while the weapon was secured with a gun lock, the keys to the lock and ammunition for the gun were stored in the very same container as the handgun.

“The safety of our children should be our top priority. By strengthening gun storage laws, we can help prevent terrible tragedies.” Sen. Cohen said. “In Ethan’s case, while the gun wasn’t loaded, having accessibility to the keys and ammunition created essentially the same situation as having access to a loaded gun. That is an enormous hazard and ultimately it cost Ethan his life. We should be doing all we can to ensure that history doesn’t repeat itself.”