South Dakota Permitless Carry Legislation Passes Committee Vote

From Lisa Kaczke, Sioux Falls Argus Leader:

The concealed carry bill is one of several addressing gun rights in South Dakota and Lt. Gov. Larry Rhoden held a meeting with legislators, gun rights advocates, law enforcement and community leaders to begin the process to reach consensus on the various proposed gun bills by the end of session. The meeting was held at the request of Gov. Kristi Noem. It was a chance for people to come together to discuss priorities as the legislation moves through the Legislature, Noem said on Thursday.

"From my understanding, the discussion at that meeting went very well," Noem said. "It was just a starting point, there were no agreements made, but everyone talked about their priorities and what we can do to come together and have some resolutions by the end of session."

Noem, who supported Constitutional carry during her campaign, she said she'll be considering legislation's language and support when deciding whether to support a bill. It's important to consult law enforcement and have them at the table to discuss the proposals because "their role is incredibly important with making sure we're protecting people while protecting people's rights," she said.

The bill, South Dakota SB 47, passed the Senate Judiciary Committe by a 4-3 vote, with two Republicans joining the committee’s lone Democrat in voting against advancement. LEAP Forward has graded the committee vote and will continue to score opposition to this legislation