Oregon Safe Storage Bill Filed

[Rep. Barbara] Smith Warner compares her safe storage bill to the campaign to make seatbelt use more commonplace.

“It takes kind of a public health approach,” explained Smith Warner. “You create an expectation, you do a broad public education campaign about it and you have that become the default activity.”

The new law would require all gun owners to secure their firearms when not in use. That means locking them up and keeping them out of the hands of people who are prohibited from owning guns like minors or felons. It also requires gun owners to report a stolen gun within 24 hours or face liability for any damages.

Safe storage and mandatory reporting hit close to home for many Oregon residents. In 2012, a man used a stolen AR-15 to kill two people and injure a third at the Clackamas Town Center, a shopping mall just outside of Portland, Oregon. The rifle wasn’t secured in the owner’s home and was never reported stolen.

LEAP Forward will be grading HB 2505 - sponsored by Rep. Warner and named after Cindy Yuille and Steven Forsythe, two victims of the Clackamas mall shooting - and scoring support for the bill.