Virginia Republicans Block Gun Legislation in Committee

Over the last two days, Republicans in both chambers of the General Assembly rejected Governor Northam’s and Virginia Democrats’ calls for common ground on the issue of gun safety, defeating in committee and subcommittee a number of common-sense reforms that have received bipartisan support in many states. 

Among the measures Republicans disallowed from reaching a floor vote was an “Extreme Risk Protection Law”, sponsored by Senator George Barker in SB1458 and Delegate Rip Sullivan in HB1763. This law, which would have temporarily kept firearms away from people who pose a risk to themselves and others, was rejected with only Republican votes in the Senate Courts of Justice Committee and without a vote in the House Militia, Police and Public Safety Subcommittee #1.

Just as they did last year, Republicans also crushed universal background check legislation that is supported by 94% of Virginians. Everyday Virginia Democrats and Republicans alike have spoken loud and clear issue of common-sense gun reform, unfortunately, Republican members of the General Assembly have decided to ignore them.