Washington: Committee Hearings Continue on High Capacity Magazine Ban

“High-capacity magazines enable those with criminal intent to maximize carnage,” said the bill’s led sponsor, Sen. Patty Kuderer, D-Bellevue, citing 2016 shootings in Mukilteo and Burlington that left eight dead. “Limiting magazine capacity to 10 rounds strikes a balance, allowing critical time for first responders to intervene and save lives while permitting magazines with enough ammunition to maintain self-defense.”

Ami Strahan of Spokane told the committee that her 15-year-old son, Sam, was shot and killed at Freeman High School in 2017 by a fellow student who had two guns. She said the shooter’s AR-15 rifle, which was equipped with a high-capacity magazine, jammed and so he had to use a pistol instead. Three other students were seriously injured.

“Had his high-capacity magazine rifle not jammed, just imagine the carnage that would have happened at the school that day,” Strahan said. “No one law alone can prevent all gun violence, but there is more we can do to keep our kids and communities safe.”

LEAP Forward is grading action on the high capacity magazine ban - SB 5062 - and is scoring support.