Gun-Free Zone Repeal Dies in Wyoming Committee

Sen. Anthony Bouchard, R-Cheyenne, once again sponsored this year's attempt at repealing gun-free zones across the state. Senate File 75 failed on a 3-2 vote in the Senate Judiciary Committee, with Sens. Tara Nethercott, R-Cheyenne, and Brian Boner, R-Douglas, in support. Boner was a co-sponsor.

But the opposition disagreed with Bouchard's assertion that the bill would provide safety for schools and local governments. Numerous gun-control advocates and representatives from the state's teachers union, community colleges and school boards came out against the bill.

Several teachers spoke about the fear they would have dealing with an angry parent or student if there wasn't a rule preventing guns from being brought onto campus.

LEAP Forward is grading action on SF 75 and it’s companion legislation, HB 183 and will continue to score opposition.