Gun Regulation Package Moving Forward in New York

Since retaking control of the New York legislature, Democrats in Albany have advanced a progressive agenda that has already made huge strides on protection for women and voting rights. Next week, attention turns to a package of gun regulation bills to build on the SAFE Act. The following bills are likely to move through the legislature next week, and LEAP Forward is grading action on all of them and scoring support for these bills:

S 2448 is sponsored by Luis Sepulveda and cosponsored by LEAPers Alessandra Biaggi, James Gaughran, Andrew Gounardes, Robert Jackson, and Anna Kaplan. The bill would prohibit possession, manufacture, or transport of “rapid-fire modification devices.” The Assembly version of the bill is A 2684, which is cosponsored by LEAPer Mathylde Frontus.

S 2450 and A 2686, also cosponsored by Biaggi, Gaughran, Gounardes, Jackson, Kaplan and Frontus, criminalizes the failure to properly store and secure firearms and require warning language to be posted by anyone issuing a firearms license.

S 2451 and A 2689 are also cosponsored by all of LEAP Forward’s endorsed legislators in New York state and would establish extreme risk protection orders prohibiting individuals from buying or possessing firearms.