Illinois Senate Bill Would Define, Ban "Assault Weapons"

Deerfield Democrat Sen. Julie Morrison introduced Senate Bill 107 to ban various types of specified semi-automatic firearms. The text of the bill closely mirrors other such bans passed by North Shore municipalities and by Cook County. Highland Park's ban was allowedto stand by the U.S. Supreme Court, while Cook County ban's, though upheld in federal court, has never actually been enforced and enforcement of Deerfield's has been put on hold pending court challenge in Lake County Court.

But those local ordinance bans merely assess fines. Morrison's proposal would amend the state's criminal code and make the first offense of buying, selling or possessing the weapons a class 3 felony, with a possible penalty ranging from probation to five years in the state penitentiary.

In an August 2018 op-ed, then-candidate [Gov. JB] Pritzker called for a ban on "assault weapons, bump stocks, and high-capacity magazines." The governor's office did not respond to a request for comment about the proposed legislation Friday.