Students, Organizations Speak Out Against Nebraska Guns in Schools Bill

"Rather than introduce a bill to better educate ourselves to mental health, would you agree with me that it's a pretty clear statement on the United States that we would much rather hand people a gun to put down another person than actually put forth the measures need to make sure no one has to die," said sophomore Hastings High Student Ben Anderson.

Protesting the bill is a group called Nebraskans Against Gun Violence. They said schools that implement conceal and carry could lose teachers even if a shooter were to show up on campus. The accuracy rate is low and wouldn't help, according to those against the bill.

"Having other systems in place - better locks on the doors, more screening before they come to school. I would much rather see a bill that guarantees those kinds of protections and see what can happen," said Central Nebraska Coordinator for the Nebraskans Against Gun Violence Robin Vodhenal.

LEAP Forward is grading action on this legislation - Nebraska LB 343 - and is scoring opposition.