Argus Leader Editorial: Legislature 'Wasting Our Time' With Constitutional Carry

Open carry is already legal. Concealed carry is legal with a permit. Have South Dakotans been clamoring for the ability to pack heat under their winter coat without the intolerable inconvenience of filling out paperwork at their county sheriff’s office and paying a token $10 fee?

The answer is no.

In separate polls taken in 2017 and 2018 to determine statewide support for similar bills during those legislative sessions, SurveyUSA found that just under 90 percent of South Dakotans supported permits that require background checks and a fee for carrying a concealed firearm. Those polled included Republicans, Democrats and independents, gun owners and non-gun owners, parents and non-parents.

Nonetheless, these legislators persist.

The permitless carry bill, South Dakota SB 47 has passed the full Senate and House committee and is expected to be voted on this week. LEAP Forward will continue to grade action on this bill and score opposition.