Illinois to Consider Assault Weapons Ban, Social Media Review

Fresh off maintaining super majorities in the state legislature and flipping the Governor’s set, Illinois Democrats are seeking to strengthen the state’s gun laws.

Illinois SB 107 has been introduced by Democratic Senators Julie Morrison, Jacqueline Collins, and Antonio Munoz with the intention of defining and banning assault weapons in the state. According to the legislation, the criteria for defining an “assault weapon” includes pistol grips, movable stocks, barrel shrouds, and muzzle brakes, and would further apply the definition to firearms with magazines holding 10 or more rounds. Specifically mentioned are AK-47s and AR-15s.

SB 107 gives people who currently posses these weapons 300 days to comply with the law.

Also in the gun regulation package is HB 888 by Democratic Rep. Daniel Didech, which makes amendments to the process to obtain a Firearm Owner’s Identification Card that would require an applicant for the card to furnish a list of social media accounts to the Department of State Police.

Both bills have been referred to committee.

LEAP Forward will be grading both pieces of legislation and scoring support for both.