South Dakota: Gov. Noem to "Review" Permitless Carry Legislation

Spokesperson for the governor’s office Kristin Wileman said Tuesday following the House vote, “The governor has repeatedly voiced her support of constitutional carry and looks forward to reviewing the bill when it arrives at her desk.”

The South Dakota Sheriff’s Association has opposed the bill, saying it’s too broad and could allow anyone to enter South Dakota while carrying a concealed weapon. The State’s Attorneys Association has also opposed the bill.

With the current system, applicants for a concealed carry permit have to pay a $10 application fee and pass a background check administered by their county sheriff’s office to qualify for their permit from the Secretary of State. There are 10 factors that disqualify an applicant from obtaining a concealed carry permit, such as past violent offenses or regular intoxication.

LEAP Forward has graded all legislative action on SB 47 and scored opposition to the bill. The full South Dakota scorecard can be viewed using the link above.