Editorial: Pass Background Check Legislation in New Mexico

Similar bills in the House and Senate would make it a crime to sell a firearm without conducting a background check – something that can be done through a federally licensed firearms dealer for about $45. What does that mean? It would help keep guns out of the hands of felons, people with documented mental health problems, illegal immigrants and others who couldn’t purchase a gun from a licensed gun shop.

Would it stop criminals and cartel drug dealers from selling and buying guns on the black market? Of course not. But it could help avoid the next school shooting.

As it stands now, if you go into a reputable gun shop and purchase a firearm, a background check is required. If you agree to purchase one from some sketchy character in a parking lot in response to an ad on the internet, it’s no questions asked. How can anyone argue this makes sense?

LEAP Forward will be grading these bils - SB 8 and HB 8 - and scoring support.