Students Sound Off In Support of Florida Assault Weapons Bill

Andrew Thompson, a graduating senior in interdisciplinary studies at Florida A&M, provided his point of view on the matter.

“I believe that the Second Amendment is worshipped and honestly manipulated for the sake of how much money it can bring a lot of companies,” Thompson said. “I’m a firm believer in arming yourself, but there should be more restrictions and additional levels of clearance to own an assault weapon or even make them purchasable.”

Alex Williams, a junior theatre major, said he favors a ban on assault weapons.

“I think this bill would definitely be beneficial. It’s going to save lives and make the world a safer place,” Williams said “It’ll prevent hate crimes. As far as it violating the Second Amendment, it won’t be the first time. We as a country need to come together and not only think for ourselves, but others too.”

The assault weapons bill, HB 455 is cosponsored by LEAPers Cindy Polo and Anna Eskamani. LEAP Forward is grading action on the legislation and scoring support.