Schools Would be Able to Ban Guns Under New Hampshire HB 101 / by Charles Yeganian

New Hampshire Democrats have proposed legislation that would give districts the ability to make schools gun-free zones. From Tim Camerato, Valley News:

“The minute you let someone into the building with a gun, with a visual gun, these kids, who have no idea whether they’re looking at a good guy with a gun or a bad guy with a gun, are terrorized,” said State Rep. Susan Ford, D-Easton, a retired school principal who supports the bill.

Ford said children are used to seeing police officers with guns, but members of the public openly carrying through hallways would cause students to fear an imminent school shooting.

Democrats have control of both chambers of the state legislature, but may face a veto from Republican Gov. Chris Sununu. LEAP Forward is tracking action on HB 101 and will be grading actions in support of the bill.