Bipartisan SC Bill Would Extend Waiting Periods

Right now, federally licensed firearm dealers can sell a gun to someone if there is a delayed response from the FBI. A gun can be purchased while they conduct a background check using the National Instant Criminal Background Check System.

[Democratic] Sen. [Marlon] Kimpson says, “Gun owners should applaud this legislation. The only people who should fear this legislation are people who should not have guns.”

The bill is hoping to streamline the reporting of crimes to the state’s database.

S.154 wants to:

- extend the waiting period for the F.B.I. national instant criminal background check system from 3 to 5 days.

- require clerks of courts, magistrates, and municipal judges to report dispositions of criminal cases within 10 days to S.L.E.D.

- law enforcement must report any incident in which a person may be prohibited from obtaining a firearm by state or federal within 24 hours to S.L.E.D. 

LEAP Forward will be grading S 154 and scoring support for this legislation.