New Hampshire Medical Society encourages support for four gun regulation bills

LEAP Forward is tracking six pieces of legislation so far introduced in the New Hampshire state legislature - known in that state as the “General Court.” These bills, all of which are being graded as worthy of support, cover subjects like guns on school property and establishing protective orders for vulnerable adults. All told, 37 different members of the state House of Representatives from both parties have signed on to at least one piece of gun regulatory legislation, and four of the bills were singled out by the New Hampshire Medical Society as part of their advocacy on this issue.

Past president of the NHMS Dr. Leonard Korn wrote about why in Seacoast Online:

The statistics of gun violence in our country are so alarming, with an average of 25 times the incidence of gun homicides compared with other high-income countries, with more than 100 deaths by homicide and suicide by guns per day including seven children killed per week. In the past month of January the incidence of mass shootings was particularly striking, with on average one mass shooting in the United States per day ( It has of course been frustrating that the political environment at both state and federal levels has systematically been ignoring this public health crisis because of the powerful influence of the NRA. That tide of influence is fortunately waning, as the country has witnessed too many murders and suicides by guns, and in particular too many mass murders at schools, churches, synagogues, concerts, theaters, restaurants and bars to ignore this public health epidemic any longer.

The specific bills singled out by NMHS and being scored by LEAP Forward are:

  • HB 109 - closing background check loopholes related to internet gun sales;

  • HB 514 - requiring a seven day waiting period between purchasing and taking receipt of a firearm;

  • HB 687 - an extreme risk protection order bill that allows parents and family members to ask police to remove firearms from anyone deemed a threat to themselves or others;

  • HB 564 - prohibiting guns in schools.

All four bills are scheduled to be heard on Wednesday, February 13 in the House Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee.