LEAPer Cindy Polo's gun-free zone legislation faces uncertain future in a still-polarized Florida

The shooting drove many Democrats to run for office for the first time, including Rep. Cindy Polo of Miramar, who said her fellow freshman lawmakers are dedicated to getting something done.

“This time last year there was no way I thought I’d ever run for office, let alone be here shortly right before the anniversary of parkland,” Polo said. “The real way to honor the families that are coping with this loss and those victims that we have lost, whether it’s in a nightclub or in a school or in the streets of many of our communities, that instead of just thoughts and prayers we put it into action.”

Polo is sponsoring HB 197, which would ban firearms in child care facilities. Other Democratic bills would tighten concealed carry license requirements, add requirements to safe storage laws, impose universal background checks for all gun sales and ban assault weapons.

Polo has also signed onto HB 455, a ban on assault weapons and high capacity magazines. LEAP Forward is grading both bills and scoring support.

Source: https://www.orlandosentinel.com/news/polit...