New Mexico: A bill to hold adults responsible for children with guns is in committee

The House Consumer & Public Affairs Committee is scheduled to hear HB 130 Wednesday, Feb 11. It would help protect children from loaded guns, often left where children can find them. The NRA, always against any gun restrictions, sent a late notice Monday to members to fight against this bill. We request concerned citizens advocate in support of this legislation.

The Bills

✔ House Bill 130 would make adults legally liable if a child gets ahold of an unsecured gun.
In the House –>In Committee–>On Floor Calendar–>Passed Chamber
In the Senate –>In Committee–>On Floor Calendar–>Passed Chambe r
After Passage–>On Governor’s Desk–>Governor Signed–>Becomes Law


Please make a “quick call” to the office of Elizabeth “Liz” Thomson (Chair) (505) 986-4425. Ask to have your opinion registered with the committee as supporting HB 130 to help keep guns away from children.

  • Enter your zip code at The League of Women Voters to find your representatives and senators.

  • To leverage the impact – forward this on to another gun sense advocate.