Arizona Moms Demand Action Chapter pushing for domestic violence legislation

Missy Paschke-Wood, a volunteer with the group, said the bill would allow Arizonan officials to enforce federal laws that block people convicted of these crimes from owning a firearm.

"The bill really is important because it aligns Arizona state law and the federal law, and will prevent people who are convicted of the crimes of domestic violence from possessing a firearm, even after they've completed their probation, which really closes this very dangerous gap in state law," said Paschke-Wood.

Current Arizona law prohibits people convicted of domestic violence crimes from owning a gun only while they're on probation. SB 1219 would indefinitely block these offenders from owning a firearm and require them to turn in any guns they currently own.

Arizona SB 1219 is cosponsored by LEAPer Jennifer Longdon, and LEAP Forward is tracking the bill and scoring support.