Muth, Santarsiero cosponsoring assault weapons legislation in Pennsylvania

A bipartisan group of legislators, including LEAPers Katie Muth and Steve Santarsiero, have introduced legislation in the Pennsylvania Senate that would bar the possession, manufacture, import, or sale of assault weapons or high capacity magazines in the Commonwealth.

The bill - SB 292 - grandfathers in current owners, but requires a certificate of possession and sets forth conditions for use and a provision pertaining to the revocation of the certificate. The legislation also does something that gun advocates continually ask regulation-minded lawmakers to do - it sets forth definitions of what an “assault weapon” is. The penalty for a first time offense is a first degree misdemeanor and multiple offenses carries the penalty of a felony in the third degree.

SB 292 has been assigned to the Senate Judiciary Committee, where Republicans have a 9-5 advantage. LEAP Forward is tracking and grading this legislation and scoring support.