Florida: Democrats seek to require more training for concealed carriers; bill to allow guns in church gets hearing

On the same day Democrats introduced legislation requiring Floridians with concealed carry licenses show competence with their weapons, a Republican bill allowing those same people to carry in more places gets a hearing.

The Democratic bills - S 1122 in the Senate and H 753 in the House - would specify the exact type of proficiency concealed carry holders must show prior to getting their concealed carry license in the state. The bills are very particular about the number of shots that must be taken from different distances and the scores that must be achieves in order to show that a deadly weapon, ostensibly given to citizens for the purpose of self-defense, can be used properly. LEAP Forward will grade these bills, and any that demand ability and responsibility of gun carriers - and score support.

Meanwhile, the Senate Judiciary Committee will hear S 598 today. This is a Republican sponsored bill that would take those questionably proficient concealed carriers and allow them on the property of religious institutions during services when those properties also contain a school, provided it is not during school hours. LEAP Forward is tracking this bill as well, scoring opposition.