Santarsiero Co-Sponsors Bill Restricting Firearm Possession

Pennsylvania Democrats continue to introduce gun regulatory legislation in the state legislature, and LEAPer Steve Santarsiero continues to be a standout in sponsoring these bills.

In addition to SB 137 and SB 138, submitted with Sen. Santarsiero as the primary sponsor, he has signed on as a cosponsor of SB 198, legislation that would increase the universe of people who are restricted from possessing firearms in the Commonwealth. Among the nineteen new enumerated offenses are:

  • Posession of a firearm in a court facility

  • Terroristic threats

  • Human trafficking

  • Sexual assault

  • Sexual abuse of children

  • Disarming a police officer

LEAP Forward is grading all three of these bills, scoring support, and I thank Sen. Santarsiero and the other Democrats sponsoring this legislation. The bill now goes before the Senate Judiciary Committee.