California: slate of new gun regulations introduced in state legislature

California Democrats are continuing to file gun regulatory legislation in the California Assembly and Senate this week. LEAP Forward has added the following bills to the California Report Card and will be scoring action on them as they move through the legislative process:

AB 879 by Asm. Mike Gipson - to require the sale of ‘precursor gun parts’ to be sold through a licensed vendor, with restrictions on the type of and frequency of the sale of these items. LEAP Forward is scoring support.

AB 893 by Asm. Todd Gloria - would prohibit the sale of firearms and ammunition (except for gun buy-backs) at the Del Mar Fairgrounds. LEAP Forward is scoring support.

SB 376 by Sen. Anthony Portantino - would define the “infrequent” sale exemption from the firearm dealer license requirement as meaning less than six transactions in a calendar year. LEAP Forward is scoring support.

SB 390 by Tom Umberg - would require school security officers and security guards to complete a training course regardless of the number of hours that officer works per week (current law only requires the training for officers who work more than 20 hours). It would also require the training to be completed annually. LEAP Forward is scoring support.