Oklahoma lawmaker responsible for state's concealed carry law "concerned" by permitless carry

“Here I am one of the most pro-gun legislators that’s ever been in the Legislature, and this new bill really concerns me,” said Frank Shurden, 78.

Shurden served in the House, then Senate, from 1978-2006, and one of his crowning achievements was his years-long battle to pass the state’s concealed carry bill. The Oklahoma Self-Defense Act, effective Jan. 1, 1996, returned a right to carry that had been denied Oklahomans since 1910.

The Oklahoma Rifle Association named him “legislator of the century.”

“Things sure change,” Shurden chuckled. “The ironic part was we had a Republican governor, Frank Keating, back then and a Democrat Legislature and it was the Republican governor that insisted on having those added safety measures in the bill.”

Oklahoma HB 2597 has passed the state House by a 70-30 margin. LEAP Forward will continue to grade action on this bill and score opposition.