A year after Noblesville Middle School shooting, parents lobby Indiana legislature for new gun laws

“The Noblesville West shooting has had a serious and lasting effect on our community,” [JD] Durst said. “We now have a new generation of children and teachers who go to school every day aware of what could happen in their classroom, fearful of what they would do if someone entered their school with a gun.”

Rep. Carey Hamilton, D-Indianapolis, noted the legislature is running out of time to act on the bills, which must pass out of the committees no later than Feb. 21.

“Noblesville Stands Together is proposing two constitutional and effective measures that are supported by a wide majorities of the public: A requirement that gun owners take steps to prevent children from accessing improperly stored firearms and measures to improve Indiana’s background check system to keep guns away from dangerous citizens,” Durst said.

These bills are HB 1290 and 1291, both authored and introduced by Rep. Cary Hamilton. LEAP Forward is grading action on both these pieces of legislation and scoring support.